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  Swain Cattery

A SBT Bengal Cat Breeder Program &

Homemade Raw Balance Diet Food

for cats and dogs.

Est: 2021

TICA ID: 105859

Our kittens born 6/7/2023

About Swain Cattery

Swain Cattery is a cage free, small in-home program that loves our cats and kittens.  We only sell our SBT Bengal kittens as pets; both parents are Pra-B & PK Def Negative. HCM scanned parents. Our Bengal kittens are available to their forever home after 14weeks old, they will have all age-appropriate vaccinations, Dewormer, flea prevention. Kittens will receive a clean bill of health in writing by a licensed veterinarian, will be spayed/neutered and microchipped at 13 weeks. Kittens will have a 5-day health guarantee.
We want our kittens to have an amazing home with owner(s) that understand the needs of this AMAZING breed. We also want our kittens to have the best forever home experience, so we also provide a collar, a cat carrier, 12 pounds of current food (Balance Raw Diet), a few can of high-end can cat food, 15 pounds of cat litter, a bag of toys, a fishing pole cat toy, bag of current treats, organic cat nip and a personal folder with all the above records plus pictures of both parents & copies of both parents DNA test results.                    
You can see our cats and kittens’ videos by clicking any of the social media links on this website. If you are interested in one of our kittens, you can request a Kitten Application by emailing us at  This is for your family to complete and return to us, this must be approved to schedule an interview for a kitten. Feel free to text or call me to learn more about our program or schedule an interview 405-320-1119.  TICA ID: 105859  

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